Thursday, 30 August 2012

I want to build a new titan!!!

Hey Guys,

Just throwing a quick post out to any companies or groups that would be interested in sponcering a project of mine. I am going to be designing and building a complete titan from scratch (not cardboard scratch build). It will be fully documented and avilable for fans to view and even participate themselves. If all goes well the product could even be produced!!!
Of corse freebies will be given out so please stay tuned:)

Any sponcers interested please inbox me:)
or visit [url][/url]

Monday, 27 August 2012

Help me, help YOU!!!

Hey guys,
I'm happy doing post every day and painting my ass off everyday but I only know what I would want to see, so I need some feed back, please:) Send me a post discribing something you would like to see done, possibly something you have never seen? Anything is possible remember:)
I was thinking of creating a titan no-one has never seen before, where I start from the bottom and create a compleatly new titan and even include my play-testing techniques and stuff. Does this sound like something you would love to see?
Post Below!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

50 % Of All services!!!

Hey Guys,
for the next month im offering my services at 50% off. enyoy!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hey Guys,
Just a quick post out to EVERYBODY, I've had some troubles finding the motavation to continue my work, is there anything anyone wants to see? I am happy to try new things so please comment below:) thanks for following

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blood For The Blood Gods!!!!!

So I was taking pictures the other day and I said, "Hey Nurgle Prince, Smile for the camera........."

Hey Guys and Welcome to my gallery,

At the moment I'm tying to type up one post every two days so keep an eye out for these :)

For this instalment I want to show you one of my own and favourite army's I have been creating for over six months now. My Nurgle army so far is only tiny but it dose have a lot of big faces (as you can see above). Here is my current army list:

Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle)


My own conversion of the daemon Prince of Nurgle, by using a Fantasy model you may notice I have created a powerful mini. Take a look and comment below.


OK, other than my conversions I wasn't too creative with my elite's, just a simple squad of 5 terminators to blast out of my land raider and smash my enemies to pieces, the plan sounds good to me. Maybe next elite squad I'll have some combi weapons or claws or something exciting, but still candy-Cains are pretty deadly in the hands of Nurgle. For a paint scheme I tried to make them Ultramarine's that have been taken over by the Nurgle Gods, a little pre-herasy sort of thing.


For troop I just started mucking around with plebs, I wanted to make a squad of 10 which I could use for multiple factions, e.g. I tried to get  Nurgle/Khrone marines that I could also use as regular troops. For Khrone I gave them all a running pose and a chain sword and as for Nurgle I have just "fleshed them up a bit". Tell me what you think guys, would the pass for you?  These are obviously a WIP:)


Also added In come dangerous looking chain swords.


2 Rhinos - which I haven't got around to building yet

Chaos Land Raider - Nurgalised with heaps of customisations and a shrine.

Defiler - Nurgalised & magnetised

Obliterator - Finally I have something old school a friend brought to me one day, just need to find one more, I've refabed it and have started painting, any Ideas on a Painting scheme?

Thank you all for reading and hope your having a good day.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Boyz On Da Job

Hey Guys,

Just got back from a weekend at the snow and I am so tired, like I can't lift my legs. Today's instalment is of a commision job I did for a mate. The job was a refab of an old Nob (Pictured Above) along with a small squad of 15 boyz. Painting orks is very fun, any younger guys that want to jump Into 40K  I would definitely suggest orks. Scruffy Buggaz Day Ar!

Blue tops with yellow pants looks the best I think :)

Chris asked to have the Nob painted in the higher standard with the boys as table top, looks better than that don't you think? Have a look at all of the chipped paint effects on the armor and tell me what you think in a comment below, I am even concidering doing a How To post for it.

Thanks For Reading Guys


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Favourite Model (First Installment to my Blood Angels)

Hey Wargamers,

Just putting a little post up to show you my favourite model from GW. The Astorath the Grim model is awesome! If I was any character I would have to be him because asthetically he is a machine! He will soon Be the head of my new coming battalion.

Here's my painted version of the model:

 With his backpack I atempted to make it look asthough some of the paint was chipped off. I did this by firstly applying little scratches of Abbadon Black Followed by more scratches with Chainmail and Mithril Silver. Came out alright I think, If you have another Idea on doing this show tell me about it in a post below.

 Always one problem: Ok, Ok, this model isn't perfect, if you have just baught this model you will notice that his feet are half boots half skeliton. This was the only  thing I did not like, so I decided to fix them. By scraping away the booties I was left with some very neat looking claws which I am very happy with, as it is my first installment for my Blood Angels Battalion.

 Two Best Shoulder Pads I've seen.

If you want to practice your scroll scribles this is the mini for you, he has scrolls coming out of his ass....jetpack. Really fun guys give it a go!

If you like what you see and you want more comment below what you want to see and follow :) Thanks Guys!