Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Building With Some Blocks

Ok Guys, new post time, here we go.

Lately I have been painting A LOT! like I'm getting to the point some nights where a migrain is what puts me to sleep. Here's some pictures of the work I have been doing lately.

Lord Of The Rings

I am currently painting up a few models for a mate to both give him a hand and add to the Award Painting portfolio. He gave me this cave old metal cave troll which was so fun to paint as I never painted one of these guys before, tell me what you thing in a comment below. There was also about 45 goblins with this little guy aswell but I will show you these once there painted.

Here's some pictures for the guys that might be interested in some of my services. This is my Higher Quality standard listed within my price list to the left, if you have any questions regarding a quote you can send me a message to either

Every model will go through a quality check three times throughout production, if the model has a mistake/fault it is either replaced or repaired.

Finally I have for you an old conversion I did a while back of a Mamuk. I thought the way the head was positioned was really lame so i compleatly ripped the head off and stuck it back on streight to make it look asthough it was charging ahead, more of a realistic look. There were also some add on's I put on it to make it look more like the flim, ropes and spikes play a neet part in both modelling and mini wargaming.

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