Sunday, 12 August 2012

Boyz On Da Job

Hey Guys,

Just got back from a weekend at the snow and I am so tired, like I can't lift my legs. Today's instalment is of a commision job I did for a mate. The job was a refab of an old Nob (Pictured Above) along with a small squad of 15 boyz. Painting orks is very fun, any younger guys that want to jump Into 40K  I would definitely suggest orks. Scruffy Buggaz Day Ar!

Blue tops with yellow pants looks the best I think :)

Chris asked to have the Nob painted in the higher standard with the boys as table top, looks better than that don't you think? Have a look at all of the chipped paint effects on the armor and tell me what you think in a comment below, I am even concidering doing a How To post for it.

Thanks For Reading Guys


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  1. Looks great! Nice work! Your blog is inspiring! I just started making my own blog, give it a look. I haven't done too much with it yet but there are a few posts, come on over and give me a tip for a new blogger(Besides posting more pictures and articles).
    I would appreciate that immensely, count me as a follower!