Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Favourite Model (First Installment to my Blood Angels)

Hey Wargamers,

Just putting a little post up to show you my favourite model from GW. The Astorath the Grim model is awesome! If I was any character I would have to be him because asthetically he is a machine! He will soon Be the head of my new coming battalion.

Here's my painted version of the model:

 With his backpack I atempted to make it look asthough some of the paint was chipped off. I did this by firstly applying little scratches of Abbadon Black Followed by more scratches with Chainmail and Mithril Silver. Came out alright I think, If you have another Idea on doing this show tell me about it in a post below.

 Always one problem: Ok, Ok, this model isn't perfect, if you have just baught this model you will notice that his feet are half boots half skeliton. This was the only  thing I did not like, so I decided to fix them. By scraping away the booties I was left with some very neat looking claws which I am very happy with, as it is my first installment for my Blood Angels Battalion.

 Two Best Shoulder Pads I've seen.

If you want to practice your scroll scribles this is the mini for you, he has scrolls coming out of his ass....jetpack. Really fun guys give it a go!

If you like what you see and you want more comment below what you want to see and follow :) Thanks Guys!


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